The office of Paul Belotti is an interior design and architecture firm located in San Francisco and Saratoga, California.  For over 25 years the firm has remained committed to designing residences that are comfortable and timeless.

The firm provides a wide-range of architectural and interior design consultation services including property selection, site planning, house design, construction drawings, interior design, custom furniture design, lighting, finishes, and more.

Paul believes strongly that the key to a successful project is a close collaboration with the client. First, it is important to listen in order to understand exactly what the owner has in mind and wants to accomplish. Then create a practical vision that suits their client’s personality, fulfills 


their desires, incorporates their particular needs and perhaps gently pushes them a bit beyond their expectations.

For a smooth construction process the solution is that both the building/structural components and the interior/finishes components are well thought out in advance, clearly noted and understood by everyone.  Because we provide design services in both Architecture and Interiors the building process is more fluid, timely and stays on track as a united team effort. 

It is always difficult to build or renovate a home. But with our experience, imagination and knowledge, it can be a rewarding and fun adventure. After a project is completed, nothing gives more pleasure than hearing a client remark that they, “love where they live”


Design is what I was born to do.

While I greatly enjoy the architectural design process I also work extensively with clients in the area of interior design.  I have years of experience and training in lighting design, and detailed knowledge of the latest offerings in fabrics, tiles, solid surface materials, doors, windows and hardware.  I try to take the multitude of options down to a reasonable number to make the selection process for the client more pleasurable and fun. 

I hope you enjoy perusing through a sampling of my work.

Paul Belotti

Paul Belotti, AIA